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Friday, April 11, 2008

So I got through my big Icaru snag and am chugging along contentedly. I JUST finished my fifth pattern repeat (which should be the last one) with an ENTIRE ball of yarn left over. That doesn't seem right. So I'm going to do a couple of extra repeats until it looks big enough. At least I know I have enough to do the actual feather pattern!

Christmas Knitting (for my own reference) :
- Mom : another shawl? Maybe Hanami? I don't know D:
- Grandma : Print 'O The Wave and maybe socks.
- Merridi : Smoke Ring or This or This (both as a scarf)
- Jan : Unbiased
- Nana : Malabrigo Scarf and Knucks

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Knitting Back

I hit my first real snag on Icaru today. It's actually kind of a tragedy, since I was just starting to get back into the swing of it. I was nearing the end of the fourth pattern repeat and the end of first chart purgatory was in sight. I could almost touch it.

Then, in a moment of haste (Dani called to say "Come heal Mechanar!" and I said "Boy howdy I will!") I threw my knitting down and WoWed for the rest of the night. The next day, I hastily shoved my knitting in my bag and ran out the door. And therein lies my greatest mistake - haste. I didn't check to make sure that the knitting was secure, that the stitches weren't perched precariously on the edge of the needle with only hope keeping them from falling.

And fall they did.

I hauled out my knitting the other day and realized with great anger that I had effectively dropped a number of stitches, including but not limited to at least 2 yarnovers and what appears to be a series of k2togs. I honestly don't know what exactly got dropped, but all I know is that one small corner of my knitting is seriously effed up. I've knit back a good three or four rows now and it looks like in two more I'll be able to get back to the point where I can fix it. Maybe.

I still haven't decided what to do about the extra yarn I mentioned in my last post. I'm leaning towards extra repeats, but I'm still unsure. I guess it all depends on how big she turns out to be when the last repeat is finished.