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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SOCKS again

So I've been agonizing over which socks to knit with my aforementioned Knitpicks Gloss burgundy yarn. I was so entranced by the Twisted Flower socks that I cast on for them today. I also bought some delicious Ranco Multi to knit Titania's Revenge (the ravelry pictures are much nicer). I just can't wait for my knitpicks order to arrive so I can start knitting even more socks!! I think I'm seriously addicted.

In FO news, I finally finished both pairs of Fetchings (one for me, one for my grandma). Now all they need is thin elastic at the tops and bottoms to keep from curling (and pictures), and they will be ready to wear. I feel productive. I won't even mention that I have a perfectly good almost-finished Unbiased sitting around waiting to be lined and seamed. The day I finish that will be a most productive day indeed.

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